FYLA Ultrafast lasers and accessories covers and mixes a wide range of parameters. Our product grid below will guide you through the best suited choice.

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3W Supercontinuum Fiber Laser

Spectral Range:

450-2300 nm

Average Power:

> 3 W

Pulse Duration (at Fundamental Wavelength, 1060 nm):
< 10 ps


Broad Bandwidth Fiber Laser with Extremely Short Femtosecond Pulses

Spectral Range:

950-1150 nm

Pulse Duration:

15-20 fs

Optical Peak Power:

> 120 kW


Shortest Pulse Duration & High Repetition Rate Femtosecond Fiber Laser.

Spectral Range:

1535 +- 2 nm

Repetition Rate:

1.3 GHz

Average Power:

> 1.5 W

Pulse Duration:

<100 fs


All-Fiber Laser Frequency Comb for THz generation

Average Power:

> 100 mW

Pulse Duration:

< 3 ps


Spectral Range:

1535 nm

Repetition Rate:

1.3 GHz


Powerful and Versatile Fiber Laser with 30W average power.

Pulse duration, FWHM:

≈ 400 ps

Max Average Power:

30 W

Max Peak Power:

75 kW

Max Pulse Energy:

30 uJ


Extreme Pulse Control & Tunability

Pulsewidth Tunability:

200 fs to 600 fs

Repetition Rate Tunability (Pulse Train):

Single Shot to 10 MHz

Pulse Energy Range:

< 10 pJ to > 10 nJ