Broad Bandwidth Fiber Laser with Extremely Short Femtosecond Pulses

Spectral Range:

950 – 1150 nm

Pulse Duration:

15-20 fs

Optical Peak Power:

> 120 kW

< 20 fs Pulse Width
> 200 kW Peak Power

950 – 1150 nm Spectral Range

The Cyclone is a broad bandwidth femtosecond fibre laser. It provides the shortest pulses on the market generated by a fibre laser, less than 20 fs pulses. Cyclone provides outstanding peak power (>120 kW) over a wide spectrum of 950 – 1150 nm.

These parameters allow for increased brightness and reduced photodamage, making the Cyclone laser perfect for multiphoton microscopy, SHG microscopy and a variety of other non-linear processing and spectroscopy applications.

It is a cost-effective, maintenance-free femtosecond fibre laser with best-in-class performance.

Technical Specifications

Spectral Range

950-1150 nm

Pulse Duration

15-20 fs

Average Power

>150 mW

Optical Peak Power

> 120 kW

Repetition Rate

80 MHz

Power Stability

<0.5% over 3 h



Output Port

Free space

Optical Output

Collimated, single-mode across full spectrum

Beam Diameter

2.4 mm (1/e2 at 1064 nm)

Spatial Mode Quality (M²):

<1.2 Fundamental Gaussian


Thermoelectric cooler + air cooling

Dispersion Pre-Compensation

-4000 fs² to +2500 fs²

Power Requirements

220/110V 50-60 Hz

Operating Temperature

20 - 30 ºC


436x560x151 mm (WxDxH)

Control Software


Optical Spectrum

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