Extreme Pulse Control & Tunability

Pulse Duration:

≤ 300 fs

Repetition Rate Tunability (Pulse Train):

1 Hz to 10 MHz

Pulse Energy Range:

10 pJ to 10 nJ

Pulse Duration

Monitor Phase + Amplitude

Pulse Energy Selection

Pulsar is a complete laser system enabling pulse energy and repetition rate tunability, offering the user an unmatched level of versatility. With the independent adjustment of three key parameters: repetition rate (MHz to 1 Hz), pulse energy (10 pJ to 10 nJ), and pulse duration (≤ 300 fs).

Pulsar is an ideal laser for nonlinear optics applications, especially two-photon and three-photon absorption spectroscopy and microscopy.

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Technical Specifications

Central Wavelength

1560 nm

Pulse Duration

≤ 300 fs

Average Power

100 mW @10 MHz

Repetition Rate

10 MHz (Fundamental)

Power Stability

< 1 % (std. dev.)


Linearly Polarised

Output Port

Free Space

Optical Output

Free Space

Synchronization / Connections

TTL (SMA) -USB - Interlock

Spatial Mode Quality (M2)

< 1.2

Half-angle Beam Divergence

0,032º (at 1560 nm)


Thermoelectric cooler + air cooling

Power Requirements

220 V / 110V - 50/60 Hz

Operating Temperature

20 - 30 ºC

Storage Temperature

0 - 60 ºC


500 x 800 x 300 (Main Laser Module)

Electromechanical Shutter Output

Rise-time: 1 ms , Sync. to Pulse train

Control Software


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