Extreme Pulse Control & Tunability

Pulsewidth Tunability:

200 fs to 600 fs

Repetition Rate Tunability (Pulse Train):

Single Shot to 10 MHz

Pulse Energy Range:

< 10 pJ to > 10 nJ

Pulse Width Selection

Monitor Phase + Amplitude

Pulse Energy Selection

Pulsar is a complete laser system enabling extreme pulse control and tunability, offering the user an unmatched level of versatility. With the independent adjustment of three key parameters: repetition rate (MHz to single shot), pulse energy (10 nJ to 10 uJ), and pulse width (300 to 600 fs), Pulsar is an ideal laser for nonlinear optics applications, especially two-photon and three-photon absorption spectroscopy and microscopy.

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Technical Specifications

Spectral Range

1560 nm

Pulse Duration

240 fs

Average Power

> 100 mW @10 MHz

Repetition Rate

10 MHz (Fundamental)

Power Stability

< 1 % (std. dev.


Linearly Polarised

Output Port

1.5 m

Optical Output

Free Space

Synchronization / Connections

USB (comms) - BNC trigger output - Interlock

Spatial Mode

< 1.2

Half-angle Beam Divergence

0,032º (at 1560 nm)


Integrated Peltier + air cooling

Power Requirements

220 V / 110V - 50/60 Hz



Operating Temperature

20 - 30 Celsius

Storage Temperature

0 - 60 Celsius


500 x 800 x 300 (Main Laser Module)

Electromechanical Shutter Output

Rise-time: 1 ms , Sync. to Pulse train

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