Powerful and Versatile Fiber Laser with 50W average power.

Pulse duration, FWHM:

≈ 400 ps

Max Average Power:

50 W

Max Peak Power:

125 kW

Max Pulse Energy:

50 uJ

High Energy Pulse

Single shot to MHz range

Tunable Pulse Duration

Rhyo is our most powerful fiber laser with 50W average power makes it the perfect tool for Cold processing industrial grade applications and fundamental science applications, all in one. 

This versatile pulsed laser allows to tune the pulse duration in the picosecond to femtosecond regime and, the repetition rate from single shot to few MHz.

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Technical Specifications

Central wavelength

1064 nm

Rep. Rate

1 MHz

Pulse duration, FWHM

≈ 400 ps

Max Average Power

50 W

Max Peak Power

125 kW

Max Pulse Energy

50 uJ

Output power electronic control

From 0 to 50 W

Average Power Stability (24h)

< 1 % (std. dev.)

Output polarization

Linearly Polarized; PER > 23 dB

Optical output

Collimated Output

Beam Diameter

2 mm (1/e2 @ 1064 nm, 0.5 m from output)

M2 Parameter

< 1.3

Beam Divergence

<15 mrad (at 1064 nm)

Trigger Synch Output



Integrated Peltier + air cooling

Power requirements

24 V (30A)

Operating Temperatures

15 - 30 Celsius

Storage temperature

0 - 60 Celsius

Dimensions (mm)

900 x 450 x 200

Control software

User friendly Labview-based control software

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