How do we achieve the best product quality at FYLA?

The goal of FYLA is to bring out unique and singular products and to obtain the maximum client satisfaction. Quality activities have a fundamental role to achieve our goal. For that, we continuously implement new quality control actions, while improving the ongoing in all the product development stages starting with material acquisition and supplier management until after-sales service, passing through product manufacturing. Next, I will describe in detail the quality actions implemented in the different product development phases:

Material Acquisition

Our quality procedures start at a very early stage of product development, in this case with material acquisition. At this point, we implement actions for supplier validation and collaborate with them to implement before shipping quality tests to their products which meet needs and expectations in order to achieve quality assurance. At our site, we inspect every single product to accept or reject it in the function of the quality standards previously established.

Product Manufacturing

During all the product manufacturing or subset manufacturing process, quality control actions are implemented. Once the subset is finished a quality test is implemented which determinates if the product is functional or non-functional. This test was previously defined based on international quality standards. The integration of the subsets forms the final product which undergoes through a final quality test. This process includes functional tests in one environment (temperature) or combined environments (temperature, humidity, and vibration) to guarantee the maximum product quality and quality assurance. In addition, at our plant, we implement the continual improvement process with the aim to optimize the manufacturing process and eliminate all that has no added value for our product. This helps us to continuously improve the quality of our products.

Sales and Aftersales Service

As I mentioned before, our main target is the maximum client satisfaction. A satisfied client means that the product meets all the client needs with respect to functionality, reliability, price, design, durability along with the best aftersales service. At FYLA we pay a lot of attention to the aftersales services where we offer a highly qualified, personalized, and instantaneous technical service with the target to solve every single client doubt. Besides that, we implement a client follow up and try to figure out new client expectations with the aim to improve our product and client’s experience with it. And you, how do you achieve and measure the quality of your products? This post was written by Viorel Otgon