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Iceblink for detection of liquid-solid phase transitions

Following the series of posts about our collaborations with top-tier research institutions and companies, launched with our collaboration with CERN, today we bring you the story of Markus Solberg, a researcher from the Dept of Electronic Systems, NTNU.

Dr. Solberg used our SCT 500 to complete his Doctoral Thesis and scientific publications. Our supercontinuum, NIR balanced SCT 500 helped Dr. Solberg in his research “Detection and analysis of liquid-solid phase transitions with fiber-optic sensors.”

From FYLA we want to congratulate Dr. Solberg for his work and Ph.D. title. We are really proud of being part of it.

Here you can check Dr. Solberg’s Thesis and one of his papers: “Using fiber-optic sensors to give insight into liquid-solid phase transitions in T pure fluids and mixtures”, developed with Øivind Wilhelmsen and Dag Roar Hjelmea.

The work of Dr. Solberg was developed thanks to these institutions: