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FYLA Laser at CERN

At FYLA, we are thrilled to communicate that we were invited to the 36th RD50 Workshop last week. RD50 Research Group from EP Division CERN organized the event. Our CTO, Dr. Pere Pérez-Millán, had the chance to share our experience with the talk "1550 nm Femtosecond Fiber Laser System for the Two-Photon Excitation of Transient Currents in Semiconductor Detectors". Dr. Pérez-Millán explained how FYLA's Femtosecond Fiber Laser system is particularly designed for the Two-Photon Absorption - Transient Current Technique, which is a powerful tool for spatially resolved inspection of semiconductor detectors. The presentation took place on Wednesday, the 3rd of June, within the session "Detector Characterization, NIEL and Irradiation Facilities". Our team at the event included Dr. Muñoz Marco and Dr. Almagro Ruiz. Click here to meet the team!

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